Service Poles : Slender, flexible in position and quick to mount

Slender, flexible in position and quick to mount – the OBO power pole systems are also ideal for temporary workplaces and quick changes of use, for example in open-plan offices and administration buildings, but also in the till areas of shops and in production halls.

The wide range leaves plenty of space for individual designs: OBO customers can choose from the two basic materials, sheet steel or aluminium, as well as 7 (floor service poles) or 10 (floor-ceiling service poles) different profiles in various designs.

Uncomplicated device installation

The OBO service poles can be equipped with switches, sockets and data connections of conventional product ranges and also with OBO's own Modul 45 systems.

Floor to ceiling service poles

When fixed between the floor and ceiling, the ceiling connection poles allow a comfortable supply at the workplace. Fastening using a clamping device allows trackless moving of the poles – without any damage to ceilings or floors.

Besides the required power and data connections, the service poles can optionally supply lighting for the workplace.

Service Pole (Aluminium)

Service Pole Total length : 670mm suitable for module 45 system

6290091 Anodised

6290090 Pure white: RAL 9010

Service Pole Total length : 676mm suitable for module 45 system

6289982 Anodised

6289980 Pure white: RAL 9010