Keep It Beautiful Yet Powerful

Intelligent Yet Simple


Basalte helps you intuitively control your most common functions in a simple and consistent way

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Basalte multiroom audio blends studio-quality music with your interior style

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The elegant iPad mount

Precision-machined from high-quality metals, Eve keeps your iPad securely mounted yet permanently charged ready to control Basalte Home lighting, music and more

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Basalte luxury home-wide system seamlesly combines all your home automation technology, including lighting, Climate, Securtiy, Multiroom audio / Video, shades and more with basalte home.Controlling indivudal lights is simple. You can also use comfort scenes to automate frquent repetitive actions. We belive music is important. That is why basalte simply enabled unlimited sonos zone integration. Your favourite spotify playlists, radio stations and even old school record player are only a tap away.