Elegant, discreet and robust underfloor sockets build to last

UDHOME is a very unique design to matches the interior design, vinyl flooring or marble

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Greatest load capacity, moisture protection, safety and durability

Udhome floor socket

  • The range of UDHOME complete units can position power, data and multimedia connection exactly where they are required. Floor sockets and floor boxes of the UDHOME family are mounted directly on the raw floor and connected with flexible installation - it couldn't be simpler.
  • Thanks to their elegant, discreet design, UDHOME floor sockets and floor boxes integrate themselves seamlessly into the interior architecture. When the hinged cover is closed, only the high-quality surfaces of pure stainless steel or solid brass are visible. Thanks to their stable construction, the floor sockets and floor boxes are also resistant to the everyday loads in homes, offices and administrative areas.

Varied standard systems

  • Our heavy-duty systems are well equipped for these hard requirements. The design and material thickness have been adapted to fulfill the high load requirements. The result is a comprehensive standard heavy-duty product range for the different floor types, load classes and applications

Service Poles

Flexible and versatile in positioning

Benefits of service poles

  • Supply exactly where it is needed.
  • Can be positioned freely in the room.
  • Various sizes and shapes.
  • Variable equipment with Modul 45 sockets or standard sockets.
  • Optimum adjustment to the surroundings.